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The Huron: Our Vision for Greenpoint’s Newest Condos

Rooted in the history of an ever-evolving neighborhood, The Huron is a striking tribute to Greenpoint’s heritage, interweaving past and present through stunning design and inspired creativity.



A quintessential NYC Story

A drawing of historic Brooklyn

The name “Greenpoint” comes from the verdant and beautiful nature of the area gracefully adjacent to the East River. Once covered with lush forests, meadows, and freshwater creeks, the area evolved together with the development of New York City, in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the 1830s, Greenpoint transitioned into an innovative manufacturing district, opening a public road and establishing regular ferry service to Manhattan. The streets were named alphabetically and eventually given full names in the 1850s; H Street became Huron Street, probably after the U.S.S. Huron – a locally built steamship.

Historic drawing of Brooklyn

Greenpoint developed into a bustling industry hub for shipbuilding, porcelain, pottery, and glassworks, with rope factories, lumber yards, brass and iron foundries alongside furniture, box, and boiler makers, as well as Eberhard Faber’s pencil factory – once the largest manufacturer of pencils in the United States.

Greenpoint was home to the shipbuilding and engineering company Continental Iron Works, which built the USS Monitor – the US Navy’s first iron-hulled warship. The USS Monitor was pivotal during the Civil War, in the Battle of Hampton Roads, the world’s first battle between ironclad warships, which marked a turning point in favor of the Union. Continental Iron Works’ masterpiece influenced American naval strategy for decades.

A drawing of the the historic Brooklyn docks

As industries expanded, so did housing, turning Greenpoint into a lively, multicultural neighborhood and some of the best condos in New York City. A quintessential New York story. In the 21st century, an eclectic Greenpoint matured into a distinct and desirable enclave, welcoming those who march to the beat of their own drum and desire the best neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn.




A Remarkable Tribute

Guided by a life-long passion and renowned reputation for re-interpreting historic districts through architecture, Morris Adjmi designed The Huron with his signature thoughtful engagement with history, distinct interpretation of industrial forms, and creative expression of materials.

Rooted in Greenpoint’s industrial heritage, The Huron is uniquely contemporary, functional, and inspirational. The H shaped two-tower configuration, with its long, linear connected lobby, is reminiscent of a ship with two smoke stacks.

“We create buildings that stand out by fitting in.”

Morris Adjmi

Taking advantage of its exclusive waterfront position, The Huron is designed with precision and intent, to provide magnificent views, functional layouts, tranquility, and intimate floors, with fewer residences per floor.

View of Manhattan from a The Huron condo

The glass and steel towers pay homage to the leather dye and tanner shops. The brick podium conveys the textures of the neighborhood, while the gridded façade is an expression of the craft that once anchored Greenpoint.

“A building imbued with a distinct sense of place and purpose.”

Morris Adjmi